Keeping pet chipmunks in the UK

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For chipmunks owners and wannabe chipmunk owners in the UK

This websites aim is to describe my experiences of owning chipmunks as pets in the UK.
Promote the well being and happiness of pets chipmunks.
To share tips, tricks and other chipmunk related information.
Assist those who want chipmunks and those who wish to part with them.

I want this to be the site I would like to have found before I got my first chipmunk, over seven years ago now. I have tried to make sure that the information I have given is as accurate as can be, and based on my own experiences and those of fellow owners I've met. Some of my descriptions maybe different to what you may read in the few books you may find on pet chipmunks, and different from other chipmunk web sites. I am not trying to add to any confusion, or suggest that I am in anyway a chipmunk expert. I hope you will wander around this site, and be encouraged to use the feedback forms to publish your own experiences and comments, good or bad. This improves on any book, as you can add to this site, and and help build up many contributions from chipmunk owners. I'm still learning new things about these fantastic creatures, but with other chipmunk owners comments you can get a very balanced and accurate idea of what chipmunk ownership is like, and you can avoid some of the mistakes I made in the beginning.

My target owner is anyone who lives in the United Kingdom, don't take offense if you are not in the UK, I just want the references to suppliers and services relevant to my country. My experiences cover the only the chipmunk species available in Europe, and not one of the many other species found around the world. I love all chipmunks, in fact all squirrels, there is much more to them than cute behavior and a fluffy tail.

So if you can contribute you own unique knowledge go ahead and either make use of the quick comment form at the bottom of most pages, or if you want to ask a question, join the forum. We all started with no knowledge, so the forum is a friendly one. Keep in mind that a significant number of visitors to a site like this will be youngsters, so put your points across in a way that would not make your granny blush or cause youngsters to be upset.

If you want to know a little more technical info, or why the site is the way it is, please click here.